NOVELLA publications

NOVELLA selected publications

Working papers

Morrow, V., Boddy, J., Lamb, R. (2014) The ethics of secondary data analysis: Learning from the experience of sharing qualitative data from young people and their families in an international study of childhood poverty.

Shukla, N., Wilson, E., Boddy, J. (2014) Combining thematic and narrative analysis of qualitative interviews to understand children's spatialities in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Elliott, H., Brannen, J., Phoenix, A., Barlow, A., Morris, P., Smart, C., Smithson, J., Bauer, E. (2013) Analysing qualitative data in groups: process and practice.

Elliott, H; Edwards, R; Phoenix, A; Boddy, J : 'Narrative analysis of paradata from the Poverty in the UK survey: a worked example'.

Domingo, M; Kress, G, O'Connell, R; Elliott,H; Squire, C;Jewitt, Adami, E. (2014) 'Development of methodologies for researching online: the case of food blogs'.

Peer reviewed papers

Hollway, W. and Elliott, H. (2014) 'Troubling categories and conflicting affective relations,' Subjectivity 7(1).

Peer reviewed papers in preparation

Brannen, J, Elliott, H and Phoenix, A (2015)  'Narratives of success in migration stories'  under consideration Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Elliott, H, Parsons, S, Brannen, J, Elliott, J and Phoenix, A  (2015) 'Narratives of fathering young children : qualitative and quantitative approaches'  under consideration Community, Work and Family

Squire, C and Elliott, H (ed) Special issue on 'Narrative Media and ways of knowing' for Forum for Qualitative Research (in preparation, 2015).  Within this collection :
Elliott, H and Squire, S, Narratives of work and feeding families in mothers' blogs'. In preparation.

Edwards, R; Phoenix, A; Gordon, D; Bell, K; Elliott, H; Fahmy, E  (2015) 'Illuminating forty-five years of poverty research through reflection on micro paradata: Technical, social and professional role changes between the Poverty in the UK (1967/68) and Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK (2012) surveys'.  In preparation

Elliott, H; O'Connell, R and Squire, C (2015)  'Recipes for mothering?'  In preparation

Chapters in preparation              

For Phoenix et al (ed) Narratives of Varied Everyday Lives and Linked Approaches (SAGE)
Brannen, J; Elliott, H; Phoenix, A  Re-Using data : a tale of two datasets

Edwards, R; Phoenix, A, Boddy, J, Elliott, H  The Centrality of Marginalia:Paradata in the PinUK study

Elliott, H; Squire, C; Winter, J, O'Connell, R   Researching digital narratives: everyday 'mothering' in blogs and message fora
All for : Narratives of Varied Everyday Lives and Linked Approaches  (Sage)  Phoenix, A, Brannen, J and Squire, C (eds)

Phoenix, A; Edwards, R; Boddy, J and Elliott, H  Paradata then and now 1: Marginalia forms and narratives in the Poverty in the UK study

For Working with Paradata, Marginalia and Fieldnotes, (Edward Elgar) Edwards, R; Goodwin, J; O'Connor, H and Phoenix, A (eds)

Journal articles

Brannen, J. (2013) Life Story Talk: Some reflections on narrative in qualitative interviews, Sociological Research Online, 18(2) 15.

Brannen, J. (2014) From the concept of generation to an intergenerational lens on family lives, Families, Relationships and Societies.

Phoenix, A. and Brannen, J. (2014) Researching family practices in everyday life: reflections from two studies, Special Issue, International Journal of Social Research Methodology  17(1) 11-27 

Phoenix, A. and Seu, B. (2013) Negotiating daughterhood and strangerhood: Retrospective accounts of serial migrationFeminism & Psychology, 0959353512473954.

Walker, C. (2013) Book review: Childhood Poverty: Multidisciplinary Approaches, Childhood, 20, 291, DOI: 10.1177/0907568212468522, Sage.


Elliott, H; Squire, C; O'Connell, R, Recipes for mothering: intimacy, anecdotes and publics in mothers' blogs about feeding families. BSA Conference, Glasgow, 2015.
Elliott, H, Future directions for narrative research  Invited speaker and panellist UEL, December 2014.
Elliott, H,  Building 'liveable lives': The everyday as achievement Narrative Works, Paris, June 2014.
Squire, C and Elliott, H (Convenors) Panels on Narrative media and ways of knowing, Narrative Works, Paris, June, 2014.
Elliott, H and Squire, C  Recipes for mothering ? - Mothers' digital narratives about feeding, Paris, June, 2014.
Brannen, J and Elliott, H Re/Use of qualitative data? The case of the Fatherhood across the generations study NCRM Research Methods Festival, July 2014.
Brannen, J and Elliott, H  Stories of migration : from primary to secondary analysis   NOVELLA conference, Oxford 2014.
Elliott, H The Centrality of Marginalia : the case of paradata in the Poverty in the UK Survey; NOVELLA conference, Oxford, 2014.
Elliott, H Ethical implications of working with digital data   Invited speaker, Cross Faculty Ethics Committees, UCL IOE.
Domingo, M; Elliott, H and Kress, G Analysing digital data : multi-modal and narrative approaches, NCRM Annual Meeting, January. 2014.
Edwards, R; Elliott, H and Boddy, J Findings from the Possibilities for a Narrative Analysis of Paradata Project NCRM Annual Meeting, January, 2014.
Elliott, H; Edwards, R; Phoenix, A  Paradata then and now  Paradata, Marginalia and Fieldnotes Conference, Leicester University, January 2014.
Domingo, M; Elliott, H and Squire, C. Analysing mothers' blogs about feeding families: findings, methodological and ethical issues  Social Research Association, January 2014.
Elliott, H  Researchers' subjectivities as a resource for narrative analysis : Invited speaker and panellist  at New Frontiers in Qualitative Longitudinal Research, Cardiff University, Feb 2013.
Edwards, R and Elliott, H  The Possibilities for a narrative analysis of paradata NCRM Annual Meeting, Jan, 2013.