Resources from past events

Search this section to find resources and materials from past NOVELLA events, spanning 2012-14.

Conference presentations

J Brannen, Analysing archival data from a community archive, NOVELLA conference voices and the archive: oral history research and researchers London, November 2013.
J Brannen and H Elliott, Time and family life: analysing temporal contexts Stories of migration: from primary to secondary analysis NOVELLA Conference, Oxford July 2014.
J Brannen and H Elliott, Re-Use of Data: Fatherhood across the generations study, NCRM research methods, Festival Oxford, July 2014.
J Brannen and R O'Connell, Family meals and working families, Food and family life Conference, University of Lisbon, February 2014
J Brannen, Fatherhood and the transmission of masculinities, Seminar University of Limerick, October 2014

Conference plenaries

J Brannen, Time and family life: analysing temporal contexts, Marshall Annual Lecture, University of Southampton, May 2014.
J Brannen, Methodological approaches and the study of family life, ESA Research Network for the study of families and intimate relationships, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, September 2014.