NOVELLA Conference

This was a one day conference at St Catherine's College Oxford discussing NOVELLA's methods and showcasing the findings and their implications for family identities, practices and policies on environment, food, parenting, food blogs and qualitative 'paradata'. The keynote paper by the leading international scholar on narrative analysis, Professor Cathy Riessman, was given by Professor Molly Andrews. There were opportunities for both methodological and substantive discussion.

Below are resources from the Conference, ranging from PowerPoint presentatations, to items included in our delegate packs.

NOVELLA selected publications and resources

Becoming Reflexive Researchers, presented by Catherine Walker and Joe Winter (ppt)

Making sense of life stories: life course and narrative perspectives, presented by Julia Brannen and Heather Elliott (ppt)

Meanings of environment for families in India and the UK, presented by Janet Boddy (ppt)

Food and Families in the Archives: Methodological reflections on using narrative archival data to study food and families in hard times, presented by Abigail Knight (ppt)

NOVELLA: Family lives in the past, present and future, presented by Ann Phoenix (ppt)

NOVELLA: Narratives of Varied Everyday Lives and Linked Approaches: Introduction, presented by Ann Phoenix (ppt)

The centrality of marginalia: analysing paradata from the Poverty in the UK study, presented by Heather Elliott

Recipes for mothering? Analysing UK blogs about feeding the family, presented by Heather Elliott, Rebecca O'Connell and Corinne Squire