Voices and the Archive: Oral History Research and Researchers

This one day conference about using oral history data forms part of the Novella project. Through a series of presentations and audience-led discussion the conference will examine the issues raised by the creation and use of oral history archives in social science research, from the perspectives of academics, archivists and community oral historians.

Voices and archive 1 Abigail Knight - Lord David Clark of Windermere - Graham Smith (audio)
Voices and archive 2 Joanna Bornat - Sarah Gudgin (audio)
Voices and archive 3 Robert Wilkinson - Julia Brannen (audio)

Event programme with abstracts and bios (pdf)
The fascists keep killing my grandfather by Graham Smith (ppt)
Reusing archive for children's experiences of death by Joanna Bornat (ppt)
A museum perspective with oral history by Sarah Gudgin (ppt)
Waltham Forest Oral History workshop by Robert Wilkinson (ppt)
Oral history and life in Westmorland in the early 20th century by Julia Brannen (ppt)